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Yes America we do have WILD horses, but not likely for much longer

From Reality Checks with Staci-Lee Sherwood
December 2022

There are very few genuine advocates for these majestic animals. The well meaning of the many and the bad intentions of the few make this, like most animal causes, ripe for fraud. Ironically the horse, in all their different forms, have served man for thousands of years and we have failed them every time. We owe them everything but give them little in return.

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While traveling out west, on many occasions, I was stuck in a livestock jam. There were hundreds maybe thousands of sheep and cows walking all over the road bringing traffic to a standstill. I didn’t know at the time this was actually public land that taxpayers spent billions on to protect. Tens of millions of acres was supposed to be for these wild horses to live free on. Thirty years ago it was obvious there were too few wild horses, too many government lies and far too many livestock eating on the cheap on our public land.

Fossils unearthed have shown that equines originated in North America about 4,000,000 years ago. That predates homo sapiens, us humans, by several million years. Arguably it’s we humans that are non-native, invasive and feral and not the equines. In 1971 a law was signed giving free roaming wild horses full legal protection. If a foal was born the day before he was legally protected regardless of where his parents came from. The law DID NOT specify as to how many years horses had to be here for legal protection.

Those who haven’t read the law or understand law argue as to when and where wild horses came to be part of modern day America. Only those looking to remove them use the false term ‘feral’ or ‘non-native’ conveniently forgetting those labels would be best suited for those making such arbitrary claims. In order for that argument to make any sense no equine of any species could ever have been in North America prior to their re-introduction several hundred years ago. Alas science, math and common sense are no longer common these days and many people get caught up in the drama and neglect the facts


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