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From Ray Stokes - 9 Oct 2003

Dear Sir:

I happened to read the excerpt that was on the internet.  I found this 2 days after the death of my best friend, a 10 year old male shepherd, the joy of my life.

It seemed everyone wanted to tell me that creatures don't go, but your book has really inspired me.  I just wanted to say thanks but it still hurts.

May God bless you and and the book.

Thank you!

Your friend in Christ,

Ray Stokes

Reply from Bernie

Dear Ray.

I am going through all my old e-mails and there was yours.

My book "All creatures do go to Heaven - especially Pets - proved from the original languages of the Scriptures" has been published by Biblio Books in Israel - if you would like a free copy, just send me an address.

Did you get another canine friend to add to your heavenly family? Just think of the wonderful times they will have swapping yarns about you.

In Jesus' name:


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