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From Carrie - 27 November 2004

Dear Mr. Coombs

The first time I found your website was when my beloved dog Francesco was diagnosed with liver disease. He has since left this earth and God comforted me with a knowledge that Francesco was welcomed into His kingdom. Last month my beloved 20 year old shep mix Boy also left me and again God has helped me to deal with the tremendous loss.

I found a book that I began reading called DOMINION by Matthew Scully and by the time I had gotten up to page 138 made a vow to never eat any meat again. I have also gone on a shooping spree and have replaced all leather shoes etc with cruelty free items.

I loved my dogs with all of my heart and love all of Gods creatures but until recently was living as a hypocrite. I believe that my cruelty free way of living now is a tribute to my dogs and a way of life that is a way of saying thanks to God for what He has given us.

I hope all is well with you ....you are a true blessing and gift from God.


Reply From Bernie

Dear Carrie.

Thank you so much for your supportive email to me via Frank Hoffman.

It is so wonderful when the work that I have done is appreciated and helpful.

My book "All creatures do go to Heaven - especially Pets - proved from the original languages of the Holy Bible" (not men's interpretations or translations which are often wrong). Has been completely rewritten/revised and published by Biblio Books in Israel.

I would like to send you a free copy if you will send me your address to [email protected]  

I would also urge you to get another pet from a lost dog's home - although of course he/she will not take the place of those already in Heaven - think of the wonderful reunion soon to come.

It is wonderful to know that you are now Vegan.

In Jesus' name:


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