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From Rose - 22 April 2005

Dear Bernie,

I just wanted to let you know how much your site has helped me. My husband and I lost our beautiful 8 yr. old golden retriever 3 weeks ago to cancer. She was like our kid and we miss her so much, I have been crying everyday for 3 weeks.

My husband and I are both Christians and I always hoped that animals would go to heaven, heaven just wouldn't be heaven without them. I have been praying everyday for a sign that she is safe in heaven, then God led me to your website.

Your site has given us so much hope and strength and we now know for sure we will see Casey again in heaven. Please let me know where I can get your book.

We live in New Jersey. I will be passing along your website to many people who have loved and lost a best friend.

Again thank you so much for giving me and my husband a new hope of being reunited with our baby in heaven again. May God continue to bless you in the wonderful work you do, you are truly the answer I was praying for.


Reply from Bernie

Dear Rose and Hubby.

Thank you so much for your email - it is emails like yours that makes the twenty years of research and writing - worth all the time and effort.

The second edition of my book (All creatures do go to Heaven, proved from the original languages of the Scriptures) (the first edition had a few grammatical errors and page 31 was not colourised) has been published by Biblio Books in Israel. I had a real job to find a multilingual publisher who could publish both Hebrew and Greek, but my Lord led me to one of His own.

You can purchase my book (202 pages) on Amazon.com for $17 U.S plus p and h.

My Wife Coral, has a beautiful Golden Retriever called Holly, she is now seven years old and we rescued her from an animal rescue home after her Newfoundland died.

Rescue another dog from a home, it will not detract from your love of Goldie but add to your Heavenly family - just think of the fun they will have swapping yarns about you.

In Jesus' name:

Bernie, Australia.

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