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From Suzanne - 5 August 2005

Dear Bernie,

I have just found your website whilst searching for prayers for my dog and have downloaded the pages about Arco and Marie Parsons to read. I know it is going to be such a big help to me.

I lost my beloved dog Jamie 7 weeks ago. I had him from when he was 8 weeks old and he had reached 15 years and 6 months. He was more than a dog, my boy really and of course my constant companion and best friend. I loved him and still love him more than anyone or anything in the universe and have only wanted to die myself since this terrible thing happened to us. I have been devastated every day since, crying a great deal and praying every night at his resting place in the garden ( I even buried prayers and a picture of our Lord with him and have a bible and a picture of our Lord on his resting place with a bowl of red roses which I keep replacing) yet I have felt or found no comfort until now even though I have asked God and Jesus constantly for help - not really for me but to know my Jamie is okay which would be my comfort.

You say in your reply to Marie that 'our Lord so wanted to answer your prayer that He even gave you the right search engine'. Could this also apply to me? I hope so. I will say good bye for now with heartfelt thanks and love, Suzanne.

Reply from Bernie:

Dear Suzanne.

Yes of course it applies to you and everybody else who has lost a loving and beloved Pet. It is amazing how my Lord leads people to my website and proves to them that your beloved Jamie's spirit is now with my Lord waiting for His soon return when you will be reunited again in your new eternal bodies never to die again. What's more - my Lord has given me the privilege of finding a multilingual publisher in Israel who has published my book which I will send you a free copy of if you just send me a mailing address - I live in Australia.

You don't now need to pray by His grave with grief as I prove from the pure scripture that His Spirit is now in Heaven waiting for His coming which is very near.

You may also like to turn to Frank Hoffman's site at www.all-creatures.org where He has a book proving that all creatures have souls and spirits, it's called "All creatures here below."

In Jesus' name:


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