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From Sheila Webb - 20 September 2005

My cat, Patches, died Sunday morning @ 10:29am. She was my best friend for 19 years.

I have never felt this much pain before. The only thing that gets me through the day is believing that she is in heaven, and I will see her again one day.

Do you believe that animals rise from the dead on the 3rd day?


Reply From Bernie

Dear Sheila.

Only another person who has lost a greatly loved and loving Pet can realize the pain which you are suffering - I realize it - when I was very young, my first Pet died - I cried and cried, my Parents, trying to console me told me I would see Him again in Heaven - it made little difference.

Since then! Over my eighty years of life I have loved and lost many wonderful Pets - so! In my later life I decided to search the Scriptures to find out once and for all - It took me twenty years as, not content to just accept what the many different translations and denominations said - I had to go back to the original languages to find out the pure truth.

You can read my findings on the website of the Hoffman Foundation of New York, it is called "All creatures do go to Heaven." and you can read it free on:


Also on Frank's site at:

http://www.all-creatures.org is His Book "All creatures here below." in which He proves that all creatures have Souls and Spirits.

To answer your question will your "Patches" rise on the third day, the answer is NO! Our Lord Himself has already done that and saved all creatures from the result of sin (not theirs because animals cannot sin) - Your "Patches'" spirit is presently in Heaven and will come back with Him at His Second Coming to be reunited with you In both your new Heavenly bodies, never to die again.

Read my book and Frank's book and you will find the pain disappear - get another cat from an animal rescue home and add to your Heavenly family and think of the joy they will have swapping yarns about you whilst they sojourned here.

In Jesus' name:

Bernie J. Coombs - Australia

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