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From Susie - 7 November 2005

Dear Bernie,

Two weeks ago today, my precious little Bambie passed away. (Min Pin/ Chih.) She was more than a dog to me. She was my whole life! (next to the Lord). 

I lost my Mom Sept. 2003. If it hadn't been for my Bambie, I really don't think I would have made it through. Then I lost my Dad last Dec. 2004. And once again, my Bambie somehow got me through it. Both, my Mom & Dad were dedicated, Born Again Christians (As I am also). So I knew then and know now that they are with the Lord.

Bambie was an extremely loving, happy, so full of life, and so good baby girl. (She was only 4) I still just can't understand why she had to be taken from me so young and so suddenly. She was just fine on Saturday. On Sunday she became real weak and on Monday evening she was gone. The Vet had no clue as to what happened. They did everything possible, including CPR. Oh, how I prayed to the Lord to heal her. I haven't been able to eat, (lost over 11 lbs) I haven't been out of the house, I won't take any phone calls, visitors, etc.

The only comfort that I have gotten is reading my Bible. (which I always did with my baby Bambie laying right next to me.) I even use to talk about Jesus to her. I guess my biggest fear was that I may never see her again. I've been praying continuously to the Lord, begging him for some kind of a sign telling me that Bambie is all right, and that I'll see her again someday soon. This, I must say, is the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my whole life. I even asked the Lord if it be his will, that he would take me home with him now so I might be with Bambie again. I just can't imagine life without her.

She was the only Joy in my life. She literally was with me 24/7 (including when I worked) I only ate at restaurants that had outside dining so she could be there too. I've had a lot of friends and relatives email, send me cards, etc. And they all say: Bambie is up in Heaven with your Mom & Dad now. And that's what I want to believe. But I'm the kind of person that has to have proof.

Someone sent me a scripture from "The Living Bible" Romans 8:18-23 It was the first sign of any comfort for me. My cousin Cindy emailed me just yesterday telling me about the "Do Pets Go To Heaven" website, in which was a step closer comforting for me. Now today I found your website, and it has really given me hope. I have 3 grown children that I love very much. But I'll tell you this....Bambie means every single bit as much to me as my children. Losing a 4 yr old child could not possibly hurt any worse than losing my precious baby (Bambie) Could you please tell me how I could purchase your book? Thank you.



Reply from Bernie

Dear Susie.

Only another person who has loved and lost a beloved Pet can realize the grief that can be felt - I do - over my long life I have loved and lost many beloved Pets - the first when I was about eight years old - I cried and cried, my parents said I would see Him again in Heaven - it made little difference.

Many years and much more grief later I decided to search out the truth from the pure Scriptures - it took me over twenty years.

Now, the conclusion of all that study has fruited in my book "All creatures do go to Heaven - especially Pets - proved from the original languages."

Your Bambie's spirit is now in Heaven with our Lord, awaiting His soon coming to come back with Him to be "Born again" into Her new eternal body to be reunited with you in your eternal body when you are "Born again" reborn into YOUR new eternal body (we are not "born again" here in this body, but transformed in the mind) Paul makes this very clear and I spend one whole appendix on this very misused wording.

Thank you for sending your address - I'll send you a free book (which has been published by Biblio Books in Israel) tomorrow. It will take about a week to get to you as I live in Australia.

You may also like to visit Frank Hoffman's site where he proves in His book "All creatures here below" that all creatures do have Souls and Spirits and they also have to be "Born again." Or "Born anew."

I strongly urge you to get another Pet from a lost dog's home - It will not detract from your love for Bambie, but only add to your heavenly family - and think of the fun they will have together swapping yarns about their sojourn here with you.

In Jesus' name:


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