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From Brandon - 15 November 2005

My name is Brandon and I'm 24.  I lost my 2 year old dog 3 days ago.  It was the worst death I have went threw because he was my baby.  It was even worse then my dad and grandpa which is crazy.  I tried to bring him back threw prayer and begging.  I just want to know ill see him again.  Even if it means having to ask God to bring him back on the new earth when the new earth is made and we all are dead and brought back and all that.  I just need to know I'll see him again.  Do you know for sure?

Reply from Bernie

Dear Brandon.

Yes! I'm sure/positive - He will be with you again in His new eternal body. At present His Spirit is in Heaven with our Lord waiting for our Lord's return when your baby will be given His new eternal body when you are given yours.

Have you read my book "All creatures do go to Heaven - especially Pets - proved from the original languages"? If not you can read it free on: http://www.all-creatures.org/ach 

Also on Frank Hoffman's site at: www.all-creatures.org 

Is His book "All Creatures here below" where He proves that all creatures have Souls and Spirits.

If after reading these sites and you would like a free copy of my book which has now been published by Biblio Books in Israel - just send me your address and I'll send you a free copy - it will probably take a week to reach you from Australia.

I also have felt deep grief at losing many Pets over many years, which is why I spent twenty years searching the Scriptures for the truth.

I urge you to get another Pet from a lost dogs home - he/she will not detract from your love for Baby but only add to your heavenly family - and think of the fun they will have swapping yarns together about their sojourn here with you.

In Jesus' name:


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