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From Ellen Katcher - 28 Nov 2005

Mr. Coombs;

Yesterday I euthanized my beloved angel, my dog Tara. She was an extraordinary animal, with an incredibly good heart and pure spirit. It was hard to imagine that such goodness would return to mere dust and nothing more.

She had fought a long battle with cancer, and was losing the use of her back legs. She appeared to be in pain, and to be lethargic and sad.

The decision was a difficult one to make. I did not want to play God. However, I decided, better a little guilt for me than a lot of suffering for her.

I miss her terribly. Yet, I have a sense of peace that is undoubtedly in part from knowing that she is no longer suffering. In addition, the parts of yor book that I have read give me a sense that I may see my soulmate again, and that she is sound and happy in another plane.

Your response would be welcomed Thank you for generously posting your book in its entirety


Ellen Katcher

Reply from Bernie

Dear Ellen.

The Spirit of your beloved Tara is now in Heaven with our Lord awaiting His soon return - He will bring Tara's soul and Spirit with Him to be given a new eternal body when you receive your new eternal body, neither to ever die again.

My book "All creatures do go to Heaven" was graciously hosted on the 'net by the Hoffman Foundation in New York - It took much time and effort on Frank Hoffman's part to unravel the Hebrew and the Greek which had to be (back then) sent as graphics, (now of course with later software we can just write it in.

Frank Hoffman's site is at www.all-creatures.org and in it you will find a wonderful book written by Frank Hoffman called "All creatures here below" Which proves from the original languages that all creatures have Souls and Spirits.

I urge you to get another Pet from a lost dogs home, He/She will not detract from your love for Tara only add to your Heavenly family - and think of the fun they will have in their new eternal bodies swapping yarns about you and their sojourn here.

My book has now been published by Biblio Books in Israel and I still have a few free copies left, so if you would like one, just send me an address.

In Jesus' name:

Bernie J. Coombs

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