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From Tracy - 13 Dec 2005

My Dearest Bernie,

I just wanted to write you to let you know I'm doing great, and that they finally corrected the spelling of my last name here at work and have changed my email address, so if you just reply to this one, you will have my corrected email address.

Our new babies are so great, we love them so much, they really have helped speed the healing process over losing Meow-Meow, even if it's just temporary. At first it was kind of weird for me, having new babies, and not having Meow-Meow, but over time, I have gotten used to them and just love them so much, they are so sweet, a lot of their personalities remind me of Meow-meow, and I'm not comparing or anything like that, but sometimes they do remind me of her.

I don't know if I told you about them or not, but here's some brief stats:

1 female Torti Calico, born 8/1/05, we named her Slippers (Slippers Long Stockings)

1 male Gray Tabby, born 8/15/05, we named him Bubba (Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum)

1 male Black and White, born 8/15/05, we named him Phillip (Phillip J. Fry)

They all had ringworm, Coccidia, and upper respitory infections, but we started treating them right away and they are all doing so much better, especially Phillip, he was and still is the smallest, and he had all those things the worse, in 3 weeks he went from 3.2 lbs., to 4.5. Bubba went from 3.6 lbs to 5, and Slippers went from 4 lbs to 4.8. Our doctor said Slippers weight gain was fine, that they like to see 1 lb. per month when they are growing, so she's right on target. Phillip had the most to gain because he was so sick and so small. I've prayed for them and with them, and have given them back to the Lord and asked Him to take care of them and protect them, and to give them long happy, healthy life with me and daddy. Slippers is so totally daddy's little girl, it's so cute, and Bubba loves to snuggle, and Phillip loves to sit on your shoulders when you are doing things around the house, he likes to be up high I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to touch base. I wish you and your wife and your family a blessed Christmas season.

God Bless you my dear Bernie,



Reply from Bernie

My Dearest Tracy.

It is wonderful to know that you have some more new family for Heaven - also that they are now healthy and not suffering like they were before. Please write to Rhonda if you have not already as she is pretty down at the moment.

I am not wishing you a happy Christmas as I feel that it has become a pagan institution with Santa Clause and all that rubbish (which we all used to love when wre were young). BUT! I am wishing you every best thing to happen to you and yours in the new year.

In Jesus' name:


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