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From Ron Miller - 8 Jan 2006

Hi Bernie:

Yesterday we made the decision to move forward and put our beloved Lulu down. She was an 8 year old Bullmastiff, the runt of a litter of 15, and had become our girl.

She was a very timid and meek girl, who loved to kiss you and provide complete and total admiration and loyalty, and seemed to be preoccupied with pleasing us.

In May of last year after a bath we discovered that she had enlarged lymph glands, which after a visit to the vet confirmed that she had leukemia. She had been on chemo since then and that cancer appeared to be in remission. Then a bump appeared on her hind quarters, which grew to the point where it burst the skin and we had to change her bandages up to 3x per day. An operation was ruled out, which then left us with radiation which we were prepared to do. Unfortunately, a chest x-ray revealed 5-6 tumors in her lungs, so we has to prepare for the inevitable and were providing her medication to help ease her day to day pain.

Lulu continued to eat and enjoy her walks, but the spark seemed to have disappeared from her eyes. She had trouble getting comfortable, would continue to circle on end before laying down, had trouble sleeping and actually was wimpering at night, something she had never done. My wife went to pet her and her whole head started to tremble.

We set up the appointment to put her to sleep last saturday, and as amazing as it may sound she was very energetic on the friday night and also the Saturday morning prior to goint to the vet. I started to second guess the whole thing clinging in part to a remote hope that this terrible disease would reverse itself. But that was not going to happen.

We took her down to the vet and at first I was not going to go inside. But I then said this is the time when our girl needs me most, and that is to comfort her in her hour of greatest need. So I did go in, and am glad that I was with her when she passed.

As we were very concerned with her wellbeing here on earth, I also was concerned for her in death. She is very timid and I am sure would need comfort in the next life if there is one for dogs. At mass today I prayed to my grandmother, who had passed many eyars ago who loved and took in many animals over the years. I asked her to look out for our baby.

This pain that I feel is tremendous, the void created difficult to bear, as we loved our Lulu dearly. And now she is gone, away from us and out of our care and protection.

I asked our church minister what he thought about the concept of animals going to in heaven, as this dog, and I am sure so many others, had feeling, expressed emotion, loved and was loved and was in many ways very human. The minister said he wasnt sure, as scriptures are a bit vague on the subject.

I read some of the other letters on the web site and was most encouraged by the information provided. If possible, I would be interested in getting a copy of your book. My name and address are as follows:

Ron Miller

Reply from Bernie

Dear Ron/Catherine.

I know exactly how you feel, as over my 80 years of life I have lost many loving and beloved pets - that is why I spent twenty years researching from the Holy scriptures - do they go to Heaven?

Your Minister was more or less correct in saying that the Bible was vague about this subject UNLESS! You do as I have done - namely - search the Holy Scriptures from the original languages keeping in mind your original purpose.

Of course during that twenty years I was working to keep my family and Pets, except for the last ten years which has been more or less full time.

I now know beyond any shadow of doubt that not only the Spirits of our beloved Pets are in Heaven awaiting our Lord's return when they will be reunited with us in their and our new Heavenly bodies never to die again - but all creatures that have ever lived.

There are several ways you can get my book titled "All creatures do go to Heaven, especially Pets - proved from the original languages." Which has now been published by Biblio Books in Israel.

I can send you one of the first edition (which has a few minor errors) but nothing to effect the exegesis, for the cost of postage (I live in Australia). Or you can order one yourself from Amazon.com.

Cost -$17 plus p and h which would be printed in the U.S.

Plus in the meantime you can read the web version free on:


Plus! It may interest you to read Frank Hoffman's book "All creatures here below"

Which is on the site of the Hoffman Foundation in New York under books on:


And proves from the original languages that all creatures do have Souls and Spirits.

I also urge you to get another pet from a lost dog's home - it will not detract from your love for Lulu, but only add to your Heavenly Family. Think of the fun they will have together swapping yarns about their sojourn here with you.

In Jesus' name:

Bernard J. Coombs (Australia) (Bernie).

P.S. You can look up my bio. on the net under Bernard J. Coombs.

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