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From Millicent Little - 4 February 2006

Hi Bernie,

I had to euthanize my best friend of 12 years this past Tuesday. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I can't stop thinking about her. I came across your site during a google search and it really helped me to have some peace about the situation. My biggest fear was that I would never see her again, as I could not find in the Bible any specific references to seeing pets again in heaven. I was so worried that I would not see my Pookie (who I feel was my angel on this earth) in the new Jerusalem. Thank you for putting together such an informative ebook that puts some of those fears to rest.

Yours in Christ,


Millicent Little

Reply from Bernie Coombs

Dear Millicent.

If you go to page 1 of my book on www.all-creatures.org/ach You will see a photo of my huge Landseer who died yesterday - he was over 12 and the vet said it must be some sort of a record for such a large dog to have lived so long.

What I have written is TRUTH, for although I am a bit sad, I have no grief whatsoever, as I know that we will meet up again soon in new heavenly bodies never to die again.

Get another Pookie from a rescue home - he/she will not take the place of your last Pookie and neither would you want he/she to, but will add to your heavenly family and think of the fun they will have together swapping yarns about you and their sojurn here.

In Jesus' name:


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