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From Terry L Ransom - 11 Feb 2006

Hi, my name is Terry

I just wanted to thank you for writing this book All Creatures Do Go To Heaven.

I have just lost my cat of 16 years on Feb. 4th 2006 and my dog of 13 years in 2004.

Your book has brought me a great deal of comfort and ease to my mind.

For now I can rest better now knowing I will see and be with all of my loving pets again some day.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had some kind of pet to love. I can't see going thought life without them. What could be greater than having your family, friends and your loving pets forever. My family and friends are also curious about our pets being in Heaven with us, and now I can reassure them. I once had a preacher tell my family once a animal passes it is just gone. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless

Reply from Bernie

Dear Terry.

I am so glad that my book has helped you - It has now been published by Biblio Books in Israel - If you like to send me your address I will send you a first edition copy which has a very few punctuation mistakes, but nothing to effect the exegesis - you can then lend it to your family and friends as for some it is easier to read in book form.

If any of your family or friends want to purchase the latest edition, they can do so on Amazon.com.

My own huge Landseer pictured on the first page of chapter 1 died last Saturday, but although I miss having to step over his huge frame when he used to lie across the doorway I feel no grief because I truly believe that what I have written is truth.

The preacher who told you they were gone forever was totally wrong.

In Jesus' name.

Bernard J. Coombs.

P.S. Frank Hoffman of the Hoffman Foundation in New York also has a book on his site at www.all-creatures.org which proves from the pure Scriptures that all creatures do have souls and spirits, you can find it under books - it's free.

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