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From Joe - 27 February 2009

Hi Bernie

I wrote to you last December about the encouragement your site brought to me after my chihuahua girl died. I've made a small memorial web site for her here:


Anyway, I was wondering how I could obtain a copy of your book. What I saw online was very good, but I'd like to get a hard copy.

Thanks & Regards,


Reply from Bernie

Dear Joe,

Your memorial website is fantastic. Straight after this I will send a copy of the front page of my book.

Because of all the Hebrew and Greek I had real trouble finding a publisher who could/would publish it.

Jimmy Goldfarb of Biblio Books in Israel came up trumps and dedicated far more of His time to publishing it than you could even expect from a multilingual publisher.

Just send me your address, and I'll have a copy in the post tomorrow - free.

In Jesus' name

Bernie, Australia .

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