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From Roger and Zarina Ventrui - 4 May 2006

I recently lost a beloved pet and your website provided me with much comfort.

God bless!

Reply from Bernie

Dear Roger and Zarina.

I am so happy that my website helped belay your grief - it is true - you will be with your beloved Pet again in both yours and his/hers new eternal bodies, never to die again.

My huge Landseer (photo on page 1) died a few weeks ago - he was over 12 which is a very long lifespan for such a big dog (the Vet reckons He was the equivalent in our years of well over 100.)

BUT! I felt no grief only happiness that we will be together again soon (I am well over 80). Of course I miss having to climb over the big mutt lying across the doorway and him nuzzling me when he wanted a pat.

May I suggest that you get another pet from an animal shelter, you may not only be saving a life but adding to your heavenly family - think of the fun they will have together reminiscing about their sojourn down here with you.

Our new dog Holly a golden retriever is settling in nicely and spends a lot of her time looking for pats. (a photo of Coral my wife of forty years is also on page 1).

Incidentally my book has been completely revised and published in print by Biblio Books in Israel - it may be easier to read and lend out to others, you can purchase it on Amazon.com.

Also on Frank's site at http://www.all-creatures.org is a book written by Frank called "All creatures here below" in which He proves from the original languages that all creatures have souls and spirits. It's under books.

In Jesus' name:

Bernard J. Coombs - Australia.

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