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From Annamarie - 11 Jun 2006

Dear Bernie,

My dog died - the sun shines, a little wind blows, playing with little shadows on the place where he now is. Before he died it was when little twitchings run about his body - it seems to be as when a good house-holder were running through the house which now get empty in order to extinct the lights now not more needed.


Reply from Bernie

Dearest Annamaria.

Those twitchings were His/Her spirit leaving this old earthly body which was no more required, because soon He/She will be given a new one by our Lord never to suffer or die again.

My Corey a few weeks ago had exactly the same twitchings when His Spirit left His body on His way to Heaven.

I'm not saying that I don't miss having to climb over the big mutt when he used to lie across the doorway, but it's the same as missing a loved one when they go on a holiday - you know they'll be back.

In Jesus' name:


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