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From Marilyn Mourdock - 16 July 2006

Dear John,

Do you have a sense that world events are about to lead to the rapture of the church? With the crazy Iranian president needing to create chaos for the 12th Imam to appear, and Israel criticized by most of the world, it seems to me that we are seeing the end times unfold. It is with a combination of both horror and anticipation that I view this. I'm sorry for lost people, including some of my own relatives, who are about to be immersed in this. Secondly, I worry about my 5 cats, and even my tank of beautiful tropical fish possibly being left behind. Do you think God will protect them somehow, or even let me take them with me? I know that many animals will be killed during the Great Tribulation, but are beloved pets any kind of exception? I thank you for any information or encouragement you could give me on this subject. I almost walk around my house and believe that I (along with all other believers) may not be here this time next year. Is it wrong to feel a sadness that our life's work in the creation of our house and gardens will go up in smoke? I know God can recreate anything that is lost. I think that maybe I love these things too much, and that Heaven will make these things appear even tawdry. I do thank the Lord for the gifts He has given me to turn the ugly things into beautiful ones and plain ground into beautiful gardens. I can't wait to see what my Heavenly job will be.

Thanks again, John, for your insight.

Marilyn Mourdock

Reply from Bernie

Dear Marlyn.

You are a naughty girl - I can call you this because I'm 81. You have not bothered to read my book that took me twenty years to write even though you have sent several readers' comments over the years.

Of course our Lords' return is very very close. Yes! you are spending far too much time worrying about what you have accomplished here, all of which will be nothing compared to your Heavenly mansion.

Yes! All your pets will be resurrected with you in glorified eternal bodies.

Your Heavenly job? What would you say to C.E.O. of "Mansion's surrounds?" Covering the surrounds of countless trillions of Worlds and Mansions.

Regarding your Goldfish - I have always felt that keeping goldfish in a tank (even if the tank is a large one) is depriving them of their liberty - if you can't give them a pond - put them in someone elses.

My name is Bernard (Bernie) even though my middle name is John.

In Jesus' name:

Bernard J. Coombs.

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