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From Beverley J. Matthie - 8 Aug 2006


Have just discovered your site. When my cat, Brittany, 18 1/2 years old, died in my arms, 11 weeks ago, I was devastated. Just now I am beginning to sleep better.

Through the years, I discovered many scripture verses which proclaimed that 'all creation' will be with the Lord, esp in the resurrection chapter in Corinthians, where it mentions the flesh of humans, fish, land animals, etc. I needed to know she was with the Lord and prayed deeply about it. One night, when I was in bed, not asleep, but lying on my back, grieving for Brittany, she appeared right above me. She looked, with her gold eyes, deep into my eyes, with a searching, intent look. I could make out her colour (a tabby), her whiskers, and the fact that she was now healthy and youthful in appearance. I truly felt that God sent her to let me know that she was safe and happy with him. After that, I slowly began to heal.

Beverley J. Matthie

Reply from Bernie

Dear Beverley.

It is so wonderfull that you saw a vision of Brittany - glowing and happy and healthy, that is how her spirit is right now before she is given her new eternal body when Jesus soon returns.

If you do not have another cat - get one from an animal rescue shelter, he/she will not take the place of Brittany but neither would you want them to, only add to your Heavenly family - think of the fun they will have together in Heaven swapping yarns about their sojurns here with you.

Please read my book online - especially the readers' comments - when you have finished it let's talk again.

In Jesus' name:

Bernard (Bernie) J. Coombs. Australia.

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