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From Cate - 3 Oct 2006

Dear Brother in Christ, thank you for allowing us to read this online. I found it while searching for help after my beloved little dog, buddy, Pomeranian, had to be put to sleep yesterday after a massive stroke.

Our hearts are so broken, we can't even think as we normally do, and we couldn't find any comfort. We prayed and asked God to give us something, anything, we could hold on to. I then found your site, and as of this moment, comfort is flooding in.

I want no nonsense or self deceiving clap trap. I want only the solid truth, and I know that a sincere heart will always find what it seeks.

My little dog was so special to me, and he always gave his love to us without exception. He was such a good little guy, and our hearts are so broken. He spent the last two days of his life in an animal hospital, alone, scared, blind, deaf, and paralyzed from his chest down. He was terrified. I only hope he knew it was me holding him as we spent his last hour with him.

I feel as though this will kill me. and I will never ever get the image, feel, and sound of his crying and his little face in torture out of my mind. We love him so much. It hurts so bad.

Thank you for your words.


Reply from Bernie

Dear Cate.

I do not know exactly what you read, but in my book "All creatures do go to Heaven, especially pets - proved from the original languages of the Holy Bible ." there are over twenty chapters with parts and appendices.

Also did you read the "readers' comments?"

It makes me so happy that what you have read so far is giving you comfort, because that is why I spent over twenty years writing it.

But Buddy's spirit is now with our Lord in Heaven awaiting His very soon return, when our Lord brings with Him not only Buddies' spirit but of all creatures to whom He will give new eternal bodies never to die again.

Get another dog soon - it will not take away your love for Buddy but only add to your heavenly kingdom - think of the fun they will have together reminiscing about their sojourn here with you.

After you have read all of my site on www.all-creatures.org/ach

Go over to the Hoffman site on www.all-creatures.org

And take it from there.

Sorry but I've got to go.

In Jesus' name:

Bernard J. Coombs, Australia.

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