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From Cate - 4 Oct 2006

Bernie, thank you so much for answering me.

Your site is so helpful, and literally a God-send. Your words (the WORD) literally saved me from drowning in sorrow.

I have been having anxiety attacks since my little dog got sick and I was so far away from him, my husband being alone to deal with it, and he is also devastated. He had to leave him at the hospital in that horrific condition, and I drove like mad the next day to get home.

The strangest thing..........please don't think I'm crazy, because I am not a person who grasps at silly things just to comfort myself. I have always said that I want only the Truth, no nonsense or self deception.  I do believe that strange things sometimes happen that we cannot explain.

As I was driving, (I never have the radio on in the car-it irritates me), but I felt compelled to turn it on. The first thing I heard was the last line of a song.......Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you...........I knew in my heart it was a message from my little dog that he was holding on with all his might waiting for me.

I was shaking as I turned it to another channel, thinking that was probably a coincidence.............the next channel was playing our national anthem, which was always my baby boy's favorite song-----YES, he would throw his little head back and sing with it every time it played on the TV, and I have never ever heard it on the radio before.

I was convinced I had a message from him. He did hold on, and I know he tried to tell me as best he could as I held him there that he loved us and would be waiting for us. The stroke had blinded him and deafened him, and paralyzed his whole lower half. How terrified he must have been.

So now for the past three days I have had anxiety attacks where I can't breathe. Your words have helped me tremendously and I am now reading the rest of your site and will go on to the one you mentioned.

It sounds like you believe much like we do. I am a seeker of Truth, and I believe it is everywhere. I know my baby boy is in a good place, and he can see, hear, and run now. I wish he could appear to me and let me see how happy he is. I know he is waiting for us.

Thank you Bernie. Feel free to email me anytime as I am so comforted by your words and correspondence.


Reply from Bernie

Dear Cate.

Romans 11:33-36.

Of course it was a message to you - and strange things do happen.

A couple of years ago when Coral (my darling Wife of 40 years) lost her Newfoundland Zara after having her from a puppy we buried her in our back yard which is fully fenced with no holes. After we had buried her we were looking through the wire mesh fence at her grave after shutting the gate into our drive way. A large white rabbit appeared and hopped onto her grave and just sat there - we tried to feed it but no go.

After two days it just disappeared. We have never seen it since.

You might like to send an e-mail to Coral on [email protected] 

Not only do we have guardian angels watching over us but so do our Pets.

My book has also been published by Biblio Books in Israel.

Within a couple of weeks of losing Zara we got another dog from the local lost dogs home - a lovely Golden Retriever who is presently missing my boy Corey (He died a couple of months ago of very old age) but she is getting over it with lots of love from us.

It's hard for me to wait until Jesus comes to be reunited with all the Pets I have lost over the last 81 years - but what a reunion that is going to be.

In Jesus' name:


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