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From Lisabeth - 3 Jan 2007

Hello Bernie:

We would like to know if you can provide me all clear Holy Bible Chapters and numbers about all pets can go to heaven.

If the dog die, will the dog go to heaven, and then come back to the house like ghost dog to visit into the house to see his or her family for awhile, how does it work out?

We really want to see the ghost dog at the house for awhile. Can you help us to understand how we can see the ghost dog at the house? Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you so much for your great patience and assistance.

Reply from Bernie

Dear Lisabeth.

All the questions you have, are answered in the free online book "All creatures do go to Heaven - especially pets, proved from the original scriptures of the Holy Bible." You can find it on:


After you have read it all including the reader's comments, and you still have questions I will be very happy to answer them from the Bible.

But just to answer your questions here - NO! your dog's earthly body is dead and goes back to dust - BUT! His spirit has gone to heaven to wait for the very soon return of our Lord when your dog will be given a new Heavenly body that will never die again and both you and he will be reunited to live happily ever after.

I strongly urge you to get another dog from a lost dog's home - it will add to your heavenly family and think of the fun they will have together reminiscing about their sojourn here with you.

In Jesus' name:

Bernard (Bernie) J. Coombs, Australia.

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