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From Derek and Teresa - 27 July 2007

Hi Bernie,

Our 13 year old Husky/Golden Retriever Pinnikin was killed by a train 2 nights ago and the remorse has been overwhelming to the point of me wanting to die to escape from the intense gut wrenching pain and guilt.

I should have leashed her up that night, but thought she was going to stay in the yard. I never thought she would go onto the tracks. I had to go get her and my wife and I rolled her up in a blanket and buried her and said a prayer. I am fairly new in my Christian walk and this question about pets going to heaven; well I couldn't get a definitive answer from my Bible study group. I found your website and read all the chapters and I pray to Jesus that you are right.

You offer so many good points using scripture and the Holy Spirit. My gut instinct was that God would not create animals that we love and suffer the loss over at their departing, and then never see them again!!!! That seems too cold and uncaring. I don't understand Christians or non believers who seem so callous on the subject of losing a family member, like it is not as important as a human death and say they are not in Heaven. If that was the case then why do my wife and I grieve so mournfully? I still have major denial issues and I feel like I am going to die from the pain. I have taken some condolence from your writings and letters from others readers who have lost a loved one. I pray the pain doesn't last forever and now I fear more for Keda our 15 year old Malamute/Shepard for he is old and to lose him now would do me in. I pray the Lord comes soon.

In Jesus' name

Derek and Teresa

Reply from Bernie

Dear Derek and Teresa:

Don't take the blame upon yourself - don't you realise that at her age she was about to become diseased and suffer until she died - this has given her an escape of all that.

As far as Keda is concerned - He is looking forward to going to be with His Lord with You - but He is looking to you - He is very sensitive to your moods as is Holly my wife's Golden Retriever - She (Coral my wife) is presently under extreme trauma having to undergo a life threatening operation in a few weeks and Holly is receptive to it, but she is young - only 9, so don't put Keda through unnecessary trauma by being yourself overly overwrought.

Get another dog from a lost dog's home - it will add to your heavenly family and think of the fun they will all have reminiscing about their sojourns here with you.

Keda misses Pinnikin too.

Regarding my book - of course I'm right - I haven't lived 82 years without getting wisdom.

I can assure you unequivocally that our Lord is coming soon and we will all be reunited in our new Heavenly/eternal bodies.

Matthew 24:34. Mark 13:30. Luke 21:32. These verses refer to the Jews being made one nation again after 2000 years in 1947/8. I will see it and so will you.

In Jesus' name:


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