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From Mel Pyper - 21 December 2007

Dear Bernard,

Thank you very much for your book 'All Creatures do go to Heaven'.

I found it at a time when I was grieving and it helped me a lot. Unlike many of your readers, I haven't lost my companion animal; the reason I was grieving (and still am) is because I learned how much misery farm animals go through every day, and how they are killed for no reason other than taste. I have been depressed ever since I learned all of this, and whenever I go to other people with this knowledge (friends, family, church) I encounter only hardened hearts. Especially my father, I have to watch him every day eating one of my animal friends. So, your book gave me a little hope, that the life denied to these animals will one day be given back to them.

I sincerely hope our Lord comes soon, to end this miserable world.

Thanks again,
Charlene Pyper.

Reply from Bernie

Dear Charlene.

Isn't it absolutely wonderful to know that our Lord's unimaginable sacrifice was so great that it even encompasses every creature that has ever been born/hatched/created or even evolved according to our God's great plan - right back to when time began (and even before.)

It won't be long now - our Lord's return will happen in our lifetime - I prove this without fear of contradiction in my Book "All creatures do go to Heaven, proved from the original languages of the Holy Bible," and hosted by Mary and Frank Hoffman on their wonderful site.

My book has been published by Biblio Books in Israel and if you would like a free copy, just send me your address - it is so much easier to read and lend out to others in book form.

In the meantime, just think about what a wonderful life they will all have soon out there in the vast universes that our great loving God has prepared for them.

Looking forward to hearing from you:

In Jesus' name:

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