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From Joanne & Erik - 1 April 2008

Hello Mr. Bernie

I stumbled onto your website today after grieving for my Hahns Parrot that died yesterday afternoon.

She has been with us for 19 and a half years, since Erik and I got married.  This incredible smart parrot was the heart and soul of our home.

She has been through so much and always came through it 'til now. She died in my hands and she did not want to leave her broken body.

My husband, had a dream the night before she died -that two angels (they were only balls of light) were coming for her. And in his dream he was yelling (no you can't take her -let her live).
Well she died the next day and we are in pain for sure. I looked at a few sites about how God sees animal life, and it was not good. I just feel worse. I know I will get used to losing her, but I want to believe God, and not kid myself . I asked God to get us through this and send me some one who could help, perhaps.

I will read your site and thank you.

Joanne & Erik
Our Parrot was Pheobe.

Reply from Bernie

Dear Joanne and Erik.

Only another person who has lost a loving and beloved Pet can realise/understand the trauma/grief that is experienced. I feel that it is even greater than losing a human loved one - firstly because they have never sinned, and secondly because they did not know what was happening. They look at you with love in their eyes, and say "why is this happening to me?"

Well! After losing many Pets over a long lifetime (I'm 83 in July), I decided to search out the truth from the only instruction book that our Wonderful/Loving God needs to give us - the Holy Bible.

The study/treatise/book is now completed after many years of study and revelation, and has been graciously placed on the 'net by the Hoffman foundation of New York on: http://www.all-creatures.org/ach

Frank Hoffman's book "All Creatures here below" which proves that all creatures (not only mankind) also have Souls and Spirits is also there on His site (under books) at: http://www.all-creatures.org

My book "All Creatures do go to Heaven, especially Pets - proved from the original languages of the Holy Bible" has now been published by Biblio Books in Israel and if you would like a free copy to read and lend out - just send me your address.

Get another Parrot from a Pet shop - of course he/she will not take the place of PHEOBE, but will add to your Heavenly family - bring new love - and think of the fun they will have reminiscing about their sojourns down here with you when you are all together again at our Lord's second coming very soon.

In Jesus' name:

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