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Readers Comments
From David Bradley - 24 April 2008

24th April, 2008

Dear Mr. Coombs,

I am writing to you on behalf of my Son Brandon who is sixteen years of age and autistic. He attends a Special School in Dundalk, Co. Louth. My daughter, Georgia, is eleven. She has Spina Bifida, Hydracephalus, and epilepsy - and some related complications. She attends the same special school.

I am wondering if as a sponsorship gesture, in view of the childrens' disabilities, your Publisher could possibly award Brandon a copy of your book re. animals in heaven without charge as a sponsorship gesture.

I do not have a facility for downloading the online version, unfortunately. Is it available in hard copy? If so, if there is anything you can do to help us in this regard, I can assure you that it would be greatly appreciated. We do not have the resources to buy the items, as having two children with special needs incurs a lot of extra costs - medicines, teaching aids, equipment and therapy - and we can seldom afford any extra expenditure.

As his speech and communication skills are extremely limited, he has to play alone a lot, but his best friend is Fluffy, a cat that turned up in our garden, a stray and heavily pregnant nearly four years ago on his birthday and stayed with us since that day. We have no idea where she came from, but she seemed to sense that Brandon needed a friend and communicates with him in a way which he does not feel the pressure that we human beings tend to subject him to. They are inseparable. She entrusted her kittens (she had 4 litters in all) to Brandon and never hesitated to let him help her take care of them. She is, obviously one of our family. Georgia loves her too - the children, having just each other for company as they do, are very close and share everything.

Fluffy is the most wonderful, loving and communicative animal we have ever been privileged to know and the children have asked quite a lot how we will manage without her if anything should happen to her. I believe that the teachings in your book will help us not only prepare for that sad day but also teach us a different way of thinking regarding animals when they die.

I am taking the liberty of attaching doctors' letters confirming our position.

Thanking you in anticipation of your help in this matter,

With kindest regards,
Yours sincerely,
David Bradley

Reply from Bernie

Dear David and Family.

It will not only be a pleasure but an honour to send you my book entitled, "All creatures do go to Heaven, especially Pets - proved from the original languages of the Holy Bible." FREE.

I will write and sign it on the inside front cover and post it off tomorrow. It will take 1-2 weeks to get there as I live in Australia.

Two things - how did you find out about my book? Secondly - please change my e-mail address to [email protected] 

The book is only available in paperback - but if it doesn't last long I'll send you another. If that doesn't last long I'll get a hardcover specially printed for you.

In Jesus' name:


Response From David & Family

Dear Bernie,

Thank you so very much. The paperback version will be fine, thank you, and it will Iast as we'll take very good care of it. I was doing as search on the subject of animals going to Heaven and found details of your book on the "All-Creatures" website.

I'll let you know as soon as it reaches us and thank you so much.

In the meantime thank you so much once again and all good wishes,

David & family

Reply From Bernie

Dear David and Family.

I only just got your e-mail as my new computer (8 months old) blew up. The computer people where I bought it wanted to charge me $85 for fixing it. You can imagine my reply - I was polite - just.

My book took me over twenty years of study (learning Hebrew and Greek etc. and receiving revelations about the subject matter) to write. Of course I was still working at my job untill I retired at 65 (eighteen years ago). It took me a while to find a publisher who could publish both English, Greek and Hebrew. Eventually found Biblio Books in Israel - their Editor Jimmy Goldfarb a strict Jew, spent much time over and above normal editing and publishing, as you will see from the lay-out, large print and wonderful front and back cover and inside photographs.

Whilst you are waiting for it to arrive (I'll post it tomorrow without fail) you may like to read some of the reader's comments on: www.all-creatures.org/ach hosted by the wonderful Hoffman foundation on http://www.all-creatures.org

I know a little bit about disabilities as my daughter's stepson has cerebral palsy and can only move one finger and hand to steer his wheelchair.

Coral (my Wife) and I, spent over a week in Ireland back in 1968 on our way back here from America (where I had been sent by the firm I worked for - for a year to study all about the huge gas engines bought by Esso [Exxon] for the large gas deposits discovered in Baas Straight near here).

We landed at Shannon and found our luggage had been lost, (it was returned later in England [it was found in Egypt]); we went to Galway Bay (a beautiful place, where we bought Irish tweed), then train to Dublin accompanied by a few chicken and a goat, upon arrival were met by a very polite porter who, seeing we were visitors whisked what luggage we had bought, away to a local B and B where we had a lovely dinner and breakfast.

Next day we moved across the river to a nice Hotel where we stayed for three nights and had a real time seeing the sights and buying more Irish tweed. We then took the train to Belfast (didn't like it and only stayed one night - then on to Scotland and England - to Somerset (where I was born and lived right through the war 'till I migrated out here in 1947) then on to Egypt, Greece, Switzerland - then Israel where I took the most amazing (at least to my way of thinking) photograph ever taken. You can see it in chapter 4 of the 'net version or page 31 of my book when you get it.

Regarding the book - It covers from Eternity to Eternity - without bias from any denominational beliefs whatsoever, I take excerpts from Protestant and Catholic transliterations (and others like Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh day Adventists etc.) but always go back to the original Hebrew and Greek for pure clarification.

The vast mainstream of Christianity both Catholic and Protestant (and other way out denominations) hate my book and me - because I prove so many of their beliefs wrong from the original Scriptures - but they can't refute it and that makes them mad.

Don't worry! I had to change many of my original beliefs too.

The book will probably take about two weeks.

In Jesus' name:


P.S. If after you have all read it, and feel it's worth lending it out to others, I'll send you another one.

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