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From Ailing Blalock - 1 June 2008

01 June 2008

Dear Sir:

We lost our beloved friend & pet Snoopy early on Easter morning. I grieved and mourned for him intensively, even with the fact that I heard God speak to me two days before his passing, “Snoopy shall live.”

I believe that the prayers of my friends and love ones have enable me to find your powerful website. I am just reading the second chapter. I felt much better. I felt my inner strength returned back to me gradually. Those strong biblical scriptures touched my soul deeply. Godly knowledge saved me from unlimited sorrows……

I am so grateful of your POWERFUL WEBSITE that helps a person like me. I will continue my reading and possible write to you later.

Thank you to unlock a different perspective of the scriptures relating to animals and pets. I deeply appreciate what you have done.


Ailing Blalock

Reply from Bernie

Dear Ailing.

By your ending (Shalom) I conclude that you are Jewish - absolutely wonderful.

My book has been published by Biblio Books in Israel. They did a wonderful job with the Hebrew and Greek languages, Their Editor "Jimmy Goldfarb" lives in Israel.

Regarding Snoopy - He/she has just gone on a short holiday, soon to be reunited with you in his new immortal/eternal body never to feel pain or die again.

Get another animal (you didn't say what) from a lost pet's home - he/she will add to your heavenly family and think of the fun he/she and Snoopy will have reminiscing about their sojourns down here with you when you are soon all together again in your eternal bodies.


Bernie, Australia.

P.S. If you would like a free copy of the printed version - just send me your address

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