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From Frank Grable - 5 September 2008

Dear Bernie:

I've just read your book, All creatures DO go to HEAVEN, on the all creatures web site. It was so comforting for me because this last Tuesday I lost a very wonderful pet (a cat) I called T.J. short for Toby Jr.

He was young, about a year and a half. He was infested with fleas, I am poor and could not afford to take him to a vet. I tried flea shampoo, it did not work and he was getting thin and his fur was thinning.

I then tried the squeeze-on treatment. The next day he was eating good, twice he ate some tuna and later some salmon so I thought he was doing good.

Then the next day, this last Tuesday, he was lying around, would not eat or drink, so I called the squeeze-on company for help. They told me to wash him with mild soap, so I did. He did not want to go into the water but I told him it would help him.

When I took him out to dry him I knew something was wrong, he looked very frightened and sort of went limp. I began crying out to God for help as I had been praying all along for him to be well.

I took him outside and sat holding him in my arms, I knew he was leaving me and he did pass on.

The thing that is tearing me apart is that he may have been afraid of me for what was happening to him, thinking I was hurting him, I feel tremendous guilt for not being able to help him and my sorrow is so strong that I feel that I will die. I find it hard to eat or sleep but I know that this to shall pass but I can't shake the feeling of him fearing me.

Your book is a wonderful help in better understanding the great love of our LORD, and the great Love He has for His creation.

I have three other cats, one of them, Spanky, I believe felt my despair because he would lay on my lap and seemed he was trying to comfort me. When I pray at night sometimes I have my cats there and tell them that God loves them.

Thank you very much,
God Bless you!
Frank Grable

Reply from Bernie

Dear Frank Grable.

If you have faith - which you have - then you are not poor - not like all those rich people that do not believe in Jesus.

T.J. and you will be together again soon in your new eternal bodies at our Lord's soon Second Coming - never to die or feel pain again.

Send me your address and I'll send you a free copy of my book - it has ben published by Biblio Books in Israel. It is easier to reread in print and to even lend out to others.

In Jesus' name:


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