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From Lori - 25 Mar 2009

Dear Bernard J. Coombs,

I was wondering if this book can be bought in print and mailed, and if so what would be the charge?

I do not have my own computer, I am on my daughter's.

Although I visit her regularly, I have a 4 year old grandson and it is difficult to concentrate if I can manage to get on the computer, he is very active.

I use to attend Church regularly, when the doors were opened I was there.

The problem is although I have good insight into the Scriptures, and I too read original text, I just never managed to get my heart and mind to line up with God's.

I always am in guilt and just went through the motions, but inside of me I have always had a bitter root and it grew so much, I stopped going to Church after 6 years.

I am hoping that your book can help me. I do believe I am not rigid and I am teachable.

I doubt my salvation everyday and it eats me alive.

I only just begun to read the book. I found it while searching to find the truth about if animals go to heaven. Obviously I am worried because many Christians condemn me for even asking.

I have pets and I love all animal, even the homely ones.

I can see God thru them more so than people.

Anyway, do you have any insight to what is my problem.

I don't mean to come off as some kind of nut, but after reading thru a few chapters of your book, it is obvious you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

My name is Lori and I live on the east coast of the United States.

You can e-mail me at my daughter's e-mail.

I hope to hear from you.

Be blessed!


Reply from Bernie

Dear Lori,

You do not have a problem.

It is the so-called christians (small c) at the Church which you attended, THEY are the ones with the problem.

You are seeking our Lord, and that is good. Just send me your address by email  and I'll have a book in the post to in a few days - FREE, published by Biblio Books in Israel.

Straight after this I'll send you a graphic of the front cover.

In Jesus' name,

Bernie, Australia

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