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From Carolyne - 30 Oct 2009

Subject: Thank You

Dear Mr. Coombs,

I rescued the ugliest pup I'd ever seen that was a Greyhound/German Shepherd mix from our local pound when I was but 2 weeks from my wedding back in 1993.I remember staring in the long crate and seeing this blonde little long legged dog that looked like a rat with long legs if there is such a thing. I knew I had to take him home because he was so ugly I feared he would die there (ha-ha) the humane society worker told me his brother who was much cuter and more outgoing had been adopted weeks prior (by my mail lady I found out later, how cool is that), well he was so ugly in fact that when I knocked on my fiancÚ's door, Chris looked at me and said "what is that??" I said " a dog?" and he lowered his voice and said real slowwww "whose dog is it?" and I said "yours??" handing him the puppy, I guess my search for the perfect Doberman didn't go so well ha-ha-ha

That night when My soon to be hubby went to bed and I went home to my mothers next door (my parents did not allow me to live with him till I got married) Winston slept on Chris's chest all night.

GOD blessed me and my husband with Winston for almost 15 yrs "The Luv of our lives" love that we never knew before.

Shortly after I got Winston I met a gentleman who had Great Dane guarding his home and a big male German Shepherd that guarded the 32 Yugos he collected in his back yard, the German Shepherd was very fond of the great Dane, all of Her pups were very large, all black, except one, I hand picked the only female with markings, with 4 white paws, a white tip on her tail, and a star on her chest I held her in my arms, and brought her home" because Winston needed a buddy and she was free!!!" he-he-he and we named her Mandy.

My husband and I were blessed beyond blessed with two of the best dogs. Winston was potty trained in 2 weeks and grew up to be very very handsome and looked just like greyhound but oh so blonde, he was very tall and only weighed 38lbs, our Mandy we nicknamed angus, she was actually a runt of the litter and the only pup to survive, very large and weighed about 130lbs.she had the light build of a German Shepherd but everything else was Dane. we used to stare at the dogs when they slept and would get tears in our eyes because they were so cute and so content. Our favorite memory of Mandy sleeping was when her bum and back legs were on the couch, her front legs standing on the floor between the couch and coffee table and her big head sleeping away on the coffee table near a 2lb bag of M&M's.

On a beautiful, cloudy but day on April 19th 2008 my husband drove and we took the hardest trip we ever made to the vet, holding my Winston in my arms in the back seat of my husbands car because Winston could no longer hold himself up, and at 11:35am we had to put Winston down, he suffered 2 strokes and the last leaving him unable to stand for very long without falling over. not having any children my husband and I thought devastated knew we did the honorable thing but never felt such pain. Winston had been there from the beginning, well actually before out beginning and how do you say goodbye after all those years, how do you pick the day of your pets death, well I believe you just know, It really helped being able to come home that day and wrap our arms around our old girl, Mandy.

Since Winston's death Mandy has also suffered, we have done our best to relieve her loneliness and grief, all of our outside activities stopped, it was bad enough that Mandy had diabetes but she was blind and now going deaf too and we just couldn't imagine how hard is was for her to not have her buddy around, Winston would lead her to the door, allow her to follow closely to the water bowl, and feed bowls, that's how smart Winston was, and my husband has slept on the floor with Mandy every night since Winston's death to ease her grief and loneliness because she slept with Winston every night for almost 15 yrs. They always slept bum to bum. Winston was so smart we felt he laid close to her more so the old girl wouldn't step on him when she would get up.

Sadly my old girl was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 yrs ago. she is blind, and deaf but we made it work we just couldn't move our furniture around ha-ha-ha.

Mandy is so good that as soon as she is done eating she comes and stands by my leg so I can give her the 30 units of insulin I have to inject her with twice a day. I don't have to chase her or hold her down she just comes and stands by my leg willingly, our routine for 4 yrs.

I used to cry every time I gave her her shot in the beginning thinking she would hate me for adding this to our routine but I feel somehow she knew I was helping her.

She has had many ups and many downs in the past 4 yrs and sad to say and just as hard to type we are going to have her put down this Friday evening.

My computer desk is in the living room and also where Mandy and my hubby sleep, and as I turn my head I can see my husband and Mandy sharing the same pillow and even though I can't stop the tears tonight I'm grateful. I thank GOD not only for the best husband in the whole world and a man who loves the Lord but also a man who sleeps on the floor with his dog so she is not lonely. I am also grateful for Mandy whose been such a faithful guard dog and companion to me, and who GOD made possible for me to have and care for and love for all these years.

Tonight will be the last night I can reach down from my computer chair and pet big mama's bum and the last night daddy will share his pillow with his second favorite girl.

My heart is aching. Winston was My dog, mommy's boy, and I never realized till now how Mandy has helped ease our broken hearts over Winston . We were so grateful that we didn't have to come home to an empty house.

I never pondered the question of whether or not dogs go to heaven until Winston's death and now more so because of Mandy's soon to be death in near.

I do know within the first couple of sentences of your book I cried "thank you Lord" thank you. I like many others can't imagine heaven without dogs. how wonderful the thought to be greeted in heaven by my brother, my mother and my two beloved dogs.

Thank you for your research. I'm going to read the whole book online, but could you please tell me how I could get a copy. I'm very sentimental and I would like this book and want to put a pic of Winston and Mandy inside it.

I would be very grateful.

Thank you for reading my story, I'm sorry I couldn't be more brief, GOD is so good and I just wanted to share with you my story and maybe if you could say a prayer for me and my hubby as tomorrow will be one of the hardest days of our lives saying good bye.

Thank you friend for helping me understand the scriptures too.

I love the picture of you and big doggy, I love the way he sits and Looks at you.

God bless you with all my heart I thank you again. I really didn't think Dogs went to Heaven until now.

Carolyne C. Coleman

Reply from Bernie

Dearest Dearest Carolyne and Hubby.

I'll put a free copy of my book published by Biblio Books in Israel in the post tomorrow without fail. probably take a week to get to you from here in Australia.

It won't be long now before we are all together again in our new immortal bodies at our lord's coming never to die again.

In Jesus' name;

Bernie, Australia.

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