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From Marilyn - 12 Jan 2010

Subject: Broken hearted

Hi Bernie,

I am writing in a state of major distress having just put my first ever pet to sleep on 11th January, after 16 years of him filling my life with his own special brand of joy and love. Duncan, like most pets that become frail from the ravages of time, was becoming increasingly distressed due to regularly falling over, as a result of the effects of an apparent stroke. Although he was eating more frequently and heartily but I am told that may have been due in part to senility and his having forgotten that he had already eaten. Duncan was almost blind and totally deaf too so ending his distress was the kindest thing to do for him, but it was the most difficult choice I have ever made as he was my little doggy soul mate and the thought of him not being part of my life in the future was unbearable. We buried him in our backyard, in a shady spot, so the struggles of this life have ended for him.

However, for me there is only intense pain at the loss of him. Even though I am an adult Christian and know that I will see my other loved ones in heaven, when I too leave this life, I am sorely afraid that I will not see Duncan again. This thought is consuming me and I cannot stop crying. I know that there are two schools of theological opinion as to whether we will be reunited with our pets in heaven and that is a problem for me as I need to reconcile this issue in my own mind. It seems inconceivable that my little lamb could play such a big part in my life only to disappear forever. Surely, God loves Duncan more than I do, and if that wee dog has occupied a special place in my life and given all his love to me surely He will give him back to me. I can't conceive that this pet was some kind of hollow blessing for a time, only to leave me in such pain and Duncan with no reward for his endless love and loyalty.

I almost dare not ask what you believe, and why, as I may receive no comfort that will be lasting and I need hope that is genuine.

Having said that, I would like to hear your views on the matter as this is too painful to bear.


Reply from Bernie

Dearest Dearest Marilyn.

I am so so sorry for my belated reply, but I have only just found your e-mail this last few minutes on my old machine.

Of course Duncan will be with you again - He has only gone on a short holiday waiting for you to join Him at our Lord's second coming - very very soon.

I prove this irrevocably from the original languages of the Holy Scriptures on my website;
www.all-creatures.org/ach  (placed there by the generosity of those wonderful people -Mary and Frank Hoffman).

First thing - go to the website and read the reader's comments - then the rest of the site. By the end of chapter 1 you will feel much much better.

Over my long lifetime (I am now 85) I have loved and lost many many pets and other creatures - so about forty years ago I faced exactly the same problem that you are facing now! What happens to them after death? How can I know and be sure. It took me thirty years of study/inspiration and revelation to finally prove from the original languages of the Holy Scriptures - that they all go to Heaven - these scriptures are absolutely irrefutable.

Read it on my website. My book has been published by Biblio Books in Israel - If you would like a free copy after reading the 'web version just send me your address. I live in Australia.

Also send me your e-mail address. My new e-mail address is [email protected] 

In Jesus' name;

Bernie J. Coombs.

P.S. Rescue another dog from a lost dog's home - think of the fun they will have together about their sojourns down here with you when you all get together soon in your new immortal bodies, never to die again, my latest rescue is lying here beside me fast asleep.

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