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From Angela Thompson - 16 Mar 2010

Subject: Animals what happens to them when they die.

I have taken in so many animals that have lived and died with me. My heart is always so broken. I recently lost a little cat I had rescued. I saw her picture and could not forget it. God kept reminding me of her. So I went on the look and found her in a rescue center two hours away from my home. She was very sick and I had to pay for her. She was bleeding from her bum. Later she got well and was the greatest little cat ever. She even traveled in the tractor with my husband. Then one night this January I found her dead outside my front door. A couple of hours earlier she was fine. She had been very attentive to me and would come up to me and chatter. I had no idea, but I suspect she did. I cry all the time for her. And have urges to dig her up. But I tried very hard to thank God for letting her be my little cat for four years. Her name was Miko. I do so want to know what will happen to her. And to think of all the animals in my front yard and horse pasture. Animals I rescued. It kind of makes selling my home terrible. If people start to did I will be in trouble. But I could not put them in the garbage/

I am an old farmers wife. This year has been hard. We were hit by hail on July 25. A hail storm like no other. The house looked like the marines hit it. And the little miniature horses were hurt. We had two feet of ice cubes and our apple crop was completely destroyed so we have no income. It sure seems like end times. It will take years to get on our feet again. The trees suffered and were split. Now our family say they are moving away and we have to sell our home. But we don't want to go. So we will stay alone. So if you can give me some good news I would love it.

Angela Thompson

Reply from Bernie

Dearest Angela.

I have the best news ever. Go to http://www.all-creatures.org/ach  and read the first chapter then on to the other 185 pages. You will see without a shadow of doubt that the spirits of all your pets and other creatures are with our God in Heaven waiting for the very soon return of our Lord to be all together again in new immortal bodies never to die again.

In Jesus' name;

Bernie, Australia.

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