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From Brenda Bolts - 3 May 2010

Dear Mr. Coombes,

I wanted to write to tell you that your book, which I found while searching the net, has brought me much comfort in my grieving.

My history of love on this planet has mostly come from my animals, The immense love I have shared with them has been my only real way to fathom what our Heavenly Father must feel for us.

When I lost my last two, I was somehow directed to your online book, It has been a true blessing in my life to read your musings on Scripture,

THANK YOU fpr helping me understand His glory in ways I hadn't understood.

There cannot be enough blessing upon you, I will pray always that God blesses you in your work, and life, and afterlife,

Brenda Bolts

Reply from Bernie

Dearest Brenda.

All your animals and other creatures that have gone on; have only gone on a short holiday - very soon they will all be reunited with you again in perfect bodies never to die or feel pain again at the very soon coming again of our great Lord Jesus.

It is with great gratitude that I thank Mary and Frank Hoffman for hosting my website www.all-creatures.org/ach  No way could I do it by myself.

Their own website www.all-creatures.org  also has very much to offer relating to other creatures and creations with updates every day.

Don't forget to read some of the reader's comments.

In Jesus' name;

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