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From Mindy - 2 July 2010

Dear Bernie,

Yesterday I lost one of my best friends and my "baby," a Himalayan cat named Tasha. It was an extremely unexpected death as she was running around the house playing and 30 seconds later was lifeless on the floor from what the vet suspects was an aneurysm. She was my husband's cat from a previous marriage, and he fought for 3 years to get her back from his ex-wife. We then got to enjoy 5 glorious years with our little "Tash-cat." She took to me and followed me everywhere. Everywhere I look in my home, I see her and I don't believe I have ever cried so much or so hard in my life. I was unable to sleep in my regular spot in bed as she would always sleep right beside my head and I couldn't sleep without her there. This morning, exactly 24 hours after she died, I did a search on the internet about grieving the loss of a pet and I came across your book about animals going to Heaven. This has always been something I've struggled with whenever one of my cats passed on. I grew up a Christian, but could never seem to find "proof" that my beloved pets would be in Heaven waiting for me...until I began to read the first few chapters of your book. In my mind I know that God loves Tasha even more than my husband and I and how could a God of love possible give me such a wonderful gift and then take her away without providing hope that I will be with her again? Although I write this with tears still streaming down my face, the belief that I will indeed see Tasha again in a beautiful and healthy body (minus the mats in her long fur!!!) is truly a comfort to me. I look forward to continuing to read the remainder of your book, but I had to stop and immediately send you a note to thank you for sharing your findings. If you are able to send me a copy of the book, I would be so grateful! I have included my address below. Thank you again for your insights for they are providing me with a hope that I wasn't sure existed.


Reply from Bernie

Dear Mindy.

It took me well over twenty years to write the book you are reading - but replies like yours makes it all worth while. I know only too well how much grief can affect one, as over my 85 years of life I have lost so many - but! Not any more. I now know that they have just gone on a short holiday and they are just waiting with our Great God and Lord to reunite us all at His very soon coming.

See YOU and THEM and all the rest very soon at our Lord Jesus' coming.

In Jesus' name;

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