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From Eugene - 7 Dec 2010

Whites can never have "The Holy Spirit of God" in them like God's true children do, whites have the spirit of their father satan/lucifer in them, always. Satan never created life only GOD CREATED LIFE. Satan copied life when he slept with Eve in the Garden and white people are the offspring of Cain. God put a mark of WHITE SKIN ON (WHITES) IN ORDER TO PROTECT HIS PEOPLE (NON-WHITES/COLORED PEOPLE) FROM THEM in order to be able to see them separate and "resist the devil and flee from him" (his lifeless evil spirit that his children spread all over the world..)

That is where the white race began, yes, that far back in the garden with the serpent, many (non-whites) built walls around the world to try to keep them out. The fallen ones children really do know who they are they just don't want non-whites to figure it out.

Video of a white well known pagan church" end of quote

This page has truth on it, ALL white people ARE satan's children!!!! No Caucasians cannot until europeans rid themselves of thier Demons.

Reply from Bernie

Dear Friend.

What you don't seem to realise is, that! There will be no racial differences in colour or creed after the beginning of the millenium. Our God changes them all back to His original creation. I prove this beyond any shadow of doubt (if of course you believe the Holy Scriptures) in chapter eleven of my book "All Creatures do go to Heaven - proved from the original languages of the Holy Scriptures". You can read all 200 pages of it on;


 In Jesus'   Іησον̑s  U  χριστόѕ  (Greek) Christ's name: 
מוֹשׁיעֶ Hebrew - "Your Saviour"  Isaiah 43:3         
Bernard (Bernie) J. Coombs, Australia

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