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From Abby - 16 September 2011

I happened upon your wonderful website last night and plan to return there to continue reading all the beautifully reassuring studies of Scripture you feature there concerning animals -- particularly our pets -- in Heaven. I am writing to you tonight because I had to have my beloved 14-year-old dog put to sleep today after a long battle with cancer. I am devastated. I lost my mother, to whom I was very close, back in February, and my dog Gabriel was a rock I leaned on after her loss. He was my whole life; I just adored him. I am looking for a word from someone who has been through this to reassure me that my precious dog is in Heaven and that I am not separated from him forever. Do you have any words of advice or counsel as to how to get through this?

Thank you very much,

Reply from Bernie

Dear Abby.

A couple of months ago I turned 86, and over my long lifetime I have loved and lost many pets; when I was very young my first pet died; I was devastated - I cried and cried and my parents said "don't cry he will be with you again in Heaven" but it made little difference. So about thirty-five years ago, whilst I was still working to earn money to look after my household and pets - and after losing many more Pets - I decided to search the Bible to find out What God Himself had to say about it.

It took me over twenty years, but it turned into a book reaching from Eternity past to Eternity future. I called it "All creatures do go to Heaven - proved from the original languages of the Holy Scriptures". I started to print it out myself and sent one to Frank Hoffman. He asked me if He could put it on His Website - of course I said YES - and the result is http://www.all-creatures.og/ach.  It has since been published by Biblio Books in Israel and if you send me your address I'll send you a free copy.

In Jesus' ’Іησονs U χριστόѕ (Greek) Christ's name:
מוֹשׁיעֶ Hebrew - "Your Saviour" Isaiah 43:3

Bernard (Bernie) J. Coombs, ύε Australia.

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