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From David - 25 September 2011

Dear Mr. Coombs,

On July 19th 2011 I held my beloved kitty Sticky in my arms and looked into her eyes as her life left her body (with the help of a vet). I wish I had something profound to say about holding the lifeless body of my companion of almost 18 years but I don't. It was horrible. I didn't want to play GOD but I certainly prayed to GOD to be with me in that room that day.

I could not have done what I did that day had HE not been with me. I also had to believe I was sending Sticky to a loving GOD or I would not have sent her at all. But I still feel like I betrayed her. I still have panic attacks because she is not here. I still have flashbacks of holding her and leaving her lifeless body on that steel table at the vets.

I am always sad and I feel empty. I feel helpless because I couldn't do anything to save her. I will never be the same. Sticky was with me through the loss of friends, family, my grandma, a long term job, my divorce and a move to a new town to start a new life. She was always there without fail. I know she would still be here today if her kidneys had not failed.

I miss her terribly.

Do pets go to heaven? More to the point: do animals have souls? My search for the answer actually started a few months ago when Sticky's health started declining. I can't believe that a loving GOD would gift me with a soul mate like Sticky for almost 18 years and then rip us apart forever...

I feel like my hope and faith are being called into question. What gets me through the horrible days without Sticky is that I am trying to believe with all my heart that some how some way we will be together again someday....

Spearfish, South Dakota 57783

Reply from Bernie

Dear David,

Over my 86 years of life I have loved and lost many pets, so about thirty-five years ago I decided to search out the truth, from the only instruction book that our GOD needs to give us "The Holy Bible".

It took me over twenty years to write "All Creatures do go to Heaven - proved from the original languages of the Holy Scriptures". You can read the whole book online.

Rescue another STICKY from a lost Pets home - of course he/she will not take the place of Sticky - but neither would you want them to - think of the fun they will have soon with you in Heaven reminiscing about their lives down here with you. Of course animals and other creatures have souls (lives) and Spirits.

Read my book. Straight after this I will send you the front cover then the book in print free. It has been published by Biblio Books in Israel.

In Jesus' ’Іησονs U χριστόѕ (Greek) Christ's name:
מוֹשׁיעֶ Hebrew - "Your Saviour" Isaiah 43:3

Bernard (Bernie) J. Coombs, ύε Australia.

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