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From Cheryll Yowell - 12 Sep 2012

Dear Brother Coombs,

For the past several days my husband and I have been grieving the loss of our beloved Gidget, a Jack Russell terrier who died suddenly at home. Words cannot express how much she meant to us. We have been married for 21 years and she was with us for 9 of those. She was our constant companion and source of much joy and comfort. She was very special and we will always remember her and I am so thankful God entrusted her to our care.

My grief was overwhelming until I found your website All Creatures Go to Heaven. Over the past two years my husband and I have lost both of our mothers, and while we were sad, we were comforted because both were Christian (as are we) and we know they are with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When I read the scriptures and translations from original Greek languages on your website I felt instant peace - the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I have since shared your website with my children, who are all grown, but heartsick nonetheless. The Word of God that you helped reveal to us has brought peace and healing to my family. You planted the seed and God gave it increase.

I thank God for you and for his Sacrifice that reconciles "all things" to Him.

With Much Love and Friendship,

Cheryll Yowell

Reply from Bernie

Dear Cheryll.

It is so nice to get e-mails like yours, when I get so many from pseudo christians (small c) and others who don't believe that our Lord died to save all Creation. All thanks to Mary and Frank Hoffman for putting my book on their website - I couldn't do it on my own - also! On their website http://www.all-creatures.org are thousands of wonderful articles about Christian living - go and check them out. A while ago I received an e-mail from a Pastor in Sweden who said "If mosquitoes go to Heaven I don't want to go there". He definately won't untill he has carried out his punishment at the great White Throne Judgement for his false teachings.

In Jesus' name;

Bernie, Australia.

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