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From Marji - 7 July 2013

Dear Sir,

Your book on the website is probably the most logical and common-sense theology I have come across, ever.  Thank you so much for your parts on animals, especially.  I have just lost another dear cat, SaraJane, which is how I came to find your book, searching and clicking links on the web. 

Of course they will all be with me, but I desperately needed to hear it from someone else, I guess.  In Genesis, didn't God look upon creation, and pronounce it "good"?  Therefore, why destroy any of it.  Yes, even the bugs.  I marvel at their tiny lives, and try not to kill even them.  Thank you again for your thorough research, your going back to the original Biblical languages, and your explanation of the original words.  I'm sure you have done many things in your time here on earth that are worthy of praise, but I think you deserve at least a "gold star" for making me stop crying hysterically about my little SaraJane.  Now I will hope to meet you one day in Heaven, too, to continue the discussion and marvel at the revelations in your book. 

With much thanks,

Reply from Bernie

Dear Marji,

It's lovely to get e-mails like yours, and know that the long hours of study are giving people faith and hope. My book took me well over twenty years to write with much leading from the Great Holy Spirit and help from George (my Guardian Angel). Of course I was working all this time to keep my family and pets (which at one time included cats, birds, and tortoises as well as my dogs).
I am 88 years old, and after losing many pets over my long lifetime I decided to find out from GOD'S WORD exactly what happened to them when they died. I was the only son of a Wesleyan Lay (meaning He did not get paid, but had all the qualifications - He was an Engineer) Preacher. I remembered when I was very young  my first Pet dying - I cried and cried - my Dad said to me "You'll see him again in Heaven" - it made little difference. But now that I know I feel no sadness whatsoever because I know without a shadow of a doubt that we will be together again in our new immortal bodies He/She have only gone on a short holiday.
I used to print the book myself and sent one to FRANK HOFFMAN of the Hoffman Foundation at http://www.all-creatures.org. He liked it so much, that He asked if He could put it on His new website back in 1998. It took us several years to get the Hebrew and Greek up to what it is now because the Web had not progressed that much. Read All Creatures Do Go to Heaven online.
Don't forget to check out the readers' comments on Frank and Mary's site
In Jesus' name;

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