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From Carol England [email protected] 17 January 2002:

Thank you for the hope your web page has brought me.  I'm deeply devastated by the loss of my beloved Bambi.  I've been howling inside to know where she is, is she safe, am I going to see her again?  I have three other wonderful pets but each one is entirely special.  I almost want to hire a famous psychic to find out where she is, but your reading is helping me gain some faith about the situation.

Again, God Bless You for gathering the bible verses and putting them on the internet. 

Thank you.
Carol England

Reply from Bernie 18 January 2002:

Dear Carol:

I know how you are feeling inside.  Over the seventy seven years of my life I have deeply loved and lost many pets and grieved - In fact that is what prompted me to write the book.  I could not believe that my Loving Heavenly Father and my Lord created them for just a few years down here - He didn't.

My Lord's sacrifice was not only great enough to save humans from the result of sin - but also all other creatures most of whom had not even sinned.  So stop grieving! You will see your Bambi again in Heaven - and you will both be in glorified eternal bodies with all the rest of your pets and loved ones in your new mansion.  THIS IS TRUE TRUTH.

Don't worry about psychics - My very own Lord's word tells us what is going to happen and how wonderful eternity is going to be.

Trusting you feel a bit better now:

In Jesus' name,


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