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Readers Comments
From Carrie - 19 April 2003

I have written to you before. The first time was about one year or more ago when I feared my beloved dog was dying. I sent him home to be with God on Palm Sunday. I had promised him he would not suffer during the 2 year and 7 month battle that I fought to control his liver disease. I begged God for a peaceful end and my prayer was answered in every way. On the night before he died he grew increasingly more sleepy and you came to my mind...the quote you have "My body is dying my friend but you will see me again in my new immortal body" came to mind ...I stared into his eyes and spoke to him as he made the transition. I am at peace for him because I know he is with God.

Thanks so much to you and your work...I do miss him and always always will but he is safe and that was always my goal. His name is Francesco.


Bernie's Reply - 19 April 2003

Dear Carrie:

Coral's (my wife) dog Zara depicted in chapter 1 died of very old age just a short while ago (In our years she was about ninety). My dog also depicted in chapter 1 was pining (to suffer intense longing or yearning) for her because He does not know that He will be with her again.

I also prayed that her passing would be quick without much suffering - she was only really sick for a day and a night then passed peacefully.

Yesterday we went to the animal rescue place where we got Sir Basil (depicted in part 4) and there was a beautiful female Golden Retriever who had only just come in from quarantine as her owner had been posted overseas.

When we went up to pay for her, a woman there said, "Is that Holly?" When the handler said yes, she said we wanted her we were just about to ask for her.

This morning my dog had a cold nose again and Coral was singing as she got the breakfast.

Praise the Lord,


Carrie's Response - 19 April 2003

Dear Bernie

Thanks for the beautiful story...I loved the end....your dog's nose is wet again...and Coral is singing...so glad for all of you ...and most certainly Holly.


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