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Comment by Carrie Gilshen 18 Feb 2002:

Very interesting web site!  I have always believed that all of Gods creation goes to heaven.  Now I will have some facts to back up my beliefs.  I will recommend this site to my friend Elaine.  She too is very interested in facts and would like to read the Greek and Hebrew visions of "soul".  Can I purchase the book from any book store in the USA?

Reply from Bernie Coombs 19 Feb 2002:

Dear Carrie:
Thank you so much for your interest.
I send the book out free.  If you send me a postal address I will willingly send you one - I print it myself. Conversely I can send you a printed copy from the web.
The book is not yet finished - probably never will be 'till our Lord returns.
I am currently amending the Hebrew and Greek in some of the chapters on the web, hopefully this will be finished this week. Then onto part 4 which does not deal in depth whether other creatures have/are souls and spirits - this is dealt with extensively by Frank Hoffman in his excellent book "All creatures here below" which is also on-line on the same site.  So part 4 will not be dealing much as to whether other creatures are souls and have spirits - but will deal extensively and prove from the Holy Scriptures what particular times and places all these different creatures are given their new eternal bodies and what part of Heaven they will live in and their heavenly functional fulfillment and attributes.  For instance if you have a loved and loving pet he/she/it will be with you in the Heavenlies helping you fulfill your Heavenly functions.
I'll send you an email when Frank puts it on the web.
In Jesus' name:

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