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From Elaine - 23 May 2004


I've only had a bit of time, but I'm already very impressed. I need to go, now, but will return to the site as soon as I can. I'll write you when I've finished reading.

I thank you so much for making me aware of it, and also for your research & writing of it. I'm going to refer others to the site - my grieving daughter-in-law, first.

Thank you, again,


Elaine's 2nd email

Unfortunately, my work and my research, in Spirit's name, into the genetic problems of the white shepherds, has kept me from returning to your site as soon as I wish. Actually, what I read on that day, comforted me enough to push forward in my other endeavor.

I forwarded your site to several people, who were comforted by your research. They were in a lot of pain. I will return as soon as I can.

Thank you, & glad I could help in this very small way.


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