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From Lynn 11 January 2002:

Hi Bernie,

I was so happy to hear your inspiring message and tears came to my eyes about my cockatiels.  I really believe, like you, that there is definitely a place for our beloved pets in heaven.  I also believe that God sends us signs.  

I don't know if I ever told you but when my first cockatiel died I cried endlessly for over a month.  One day when I was in my garden by her grave a strange but wonderful thing happened.  A hummingbird came up to me while I was there and stayed with me the entire time.  The time frame was about ten to fifteen minutes. As you know hummingbirds don't stay in one place very long.  I also love and attract hummers to my yard to add to the story.  Even though I still hurt over her death and always will this hummingbird gave me hope that there is a tomorrow for all of us both pets and people alike.  Surely God who creates such beautiful and loving creatures will not forsake them.

I also believe that God doesn't leave a void for very long. There were other birds needing my home and love!  It seems every time one died someone came along that needed a home for their bird.  As I look out my window during this gray Ohio morning I see a flock of ducks making their way to my birdfeeder.  We had a neighbor that sold their property and left these creatures to die in the Ohio winter. I have been caring for them and am the only one in the development that wants them here.  There was talk about having an exterminator come in but I tried to convince them to let me take care of God's creatures.  

God bless what you are doing?  There are many of us that grieve over the loss of our pets.


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