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From Mary Lou Mastrangelo - 15 Aug 2002

Dear Bernie,

Thank you for your encouragement. My husband and I are feeling so sick inside since this past Sunday night.

We hesitantly euthanized our Beagle/Fox Hound Snoopy. He was only 6 1/2 years old but he was diagnosed a year ago with lymphoma. I saw him through some torturous times with chemo. I wanted him to get well so badly, but instead he only progressively got worse and the last two weeks were a nightmare. He started to pant really heavy on Sunday night and the oncologist wasn't taking any x-rays or paying attention to my concerns so I took him to the nearest emergency hospital. They did the x-rays and found what they suspected.....enlarged spleen and liver which meant the cancer spread throughout his body.

The oncologist is a real scientist and never wants to "give up" on the animals. But this hospital convinced us that there was nothing else that could be done with Snoopy and he would suffer a horrible death and that we should consider euthanizing him since he has been through a lot of suffering already. They said it would be "the kindest thing to do".

My husband was very hesitant and was taking it very bad and I was just weeping loudly. Snoopy was still so lively and was trying to drag us out of there. But I couldn't bear seeing him suffer one more night feeling like he was suffocating. We agreed and when the doctor went to put the needle in Snoopy's IV, the dog fought him tooth and nail until the needle fell to the floor, but by that time some of the drug went through and relaxed him enough to finish the job.

We are so sick inside and cannot forget this horrifying experience. I can't sleep at night thinking that I acted too hastily and maybe I should've been brave enough to allow Snoopy to die on his own. A big part of me was feeling convicted that I was putting him before the Lord and I was. I was missing church and I was falling back on our ministries. I was so distraught! Please help me. Do you have any evidence from scripture what God's feelings are on euthanizing animals?

I keep reenacting the whole scene over and over in my head and fanticizing that I stopped the whole act and saved Snoopy's life. I love animals......I feed the birds and squirrels. I've literally taken injured and sick sparrows to bird farms to get them treated. Am I going too far? Snoopy was my first dog and he was exceptional. My husband remarked that he was a reflection of me and the love and devotion I gave him. But I give God all the glory and thanked him for a wonderful and loyal friend I had in Snoopy. My heart feels like it is splitting in two and what makes it worst is that I encouraged his death.

Love in Jesus our Lord and Saviour,

Mary Lou Mastrangelo
[email protected]

Reply from Bernie - 16 Aug 2002

Dear Mary Lou and Anthony:

I have just received your heartfelt e-mail.

You did the right thing - I did it to my Basil. It is one of the most heart wrenching things that we ever have to do - however it is so much better than letting them suffer. I will be following this e-mail up with some scriptures in a day or so. A word of encouragement! I hope that chapter 1 helped you realise that your Snoopy will be with you again in Heaven and if you read the "Readers comments" you may like to correspond with some of them who are also suffering the same as you - it will help both you and them.

I have one suggestion for the present which does help! Get another puppy as soon as you can - it really does help, also it will add to your heavenly family when both you and Snoopy have your new heavenly bodies never to die again.

Scriptures to follow.

In Jesus' name:


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