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Readers Comments
From Mikarla 15 Sep 2002


My name is Mikarla and I'm 13 years of age.

Recently my cat was in a bad road accident and unfortunately died.

I was very upset, and everything around my house reminds me of him. I would like to thank you greatly for making me feel better and helping me have faith, by reading this website page. I have taken a greater interest in God, and hope to one day see my beloved cat once more.

Once again thank you very much, and God bless.

From Mikarla.

Reply from Bernie 16 Sep 2002

Dear Mikaria.

It was so good to hear from you – that my web site has helped you with your sorrow, faith and belief in God, that is why I wrote it over many years and Mary and Frank Hoffman have published it on their wonderful site.

There are presently 11 chapters – part 3 and several appendices published on my site http://www.all-creatures.org/ach  I don’t know how many of them you have read? But every chapter will help your faith and give you fresh knowledge in some way or other as will Frank’s huge site on www.all-creatures.org  

You are at that wonderful age now where you are probably searching for answers so please don’t hesitate to e-mail Frank or I for help.

I am sending your e-mail to Frank for inclusion in the “Readers comments” on the first page of the book – I hope you soon get another kitten to love from an animal rescue house, and don’t forget that your new Kitty will add to your heavenly family and be happy to meet your other Kitty.

Have you read the other “Readers comments”? Why not send them an e-mail – they have all lost Pets.

In Jesus’ name:

Bernie J. Coombs.

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