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From Marie Parsons - 5 May 2003

Dearest Bernie,

I am a born-again Christian and at the moment very ill with a thyroid illness, my beautiful dog, Arco, was put to sleep after terrible suffering for two days at which the vet thought he might pull through but his heart was so stretched and unrepairable.  (To enlarge the photo of Arco at home, click on the photo or link)

I was broken, I am a social phobic person and im fairly housebound because of it, he was my best friend, and meant everything to me. he was my shadow, he followed me everywhere.

I prayed to the Lord "you promised if I believe you would answer me" I prayed I was so broken I wanted to know if my Arco would be taken up to heaven, I needed to know so much.  (To enlarge the photo of Arco in the snow, click on the photo or link)

I was praying to the lord that all I believed in was disintegrating into a great pain I felt at the death of my dog. the world seemed so cruel everything seemed so cruel.

I needed the his answer, I felt like I was dying myself. I knew not to ask for a great sign but just an answer.

I finished praying and felt so driven to go on to my computer, I went online and typed in the keywords "animal" "soul" your site was the first on the list and I immediately clicked in to it.

Wow! it was incredible not only did was the lord showing me yes he's in heaven, but all the prayers and struggles that I had about eternal hell were answered too and many more.

The words where bouncing of the screen into me and the warmth that I got was incredible.

My misconception of a stern strict God were gone.

But the last page was like well I was awestruck there was your picture with your beautiful Newfoundland the spitting image of my Arco who had just died.

My prayers were answered in such an amazing way thank you and may God bless you many many times.  (To enlarge the photo of Bernie and Basil, click on the photo or link)

Love Marie xx


Reply from Bernie

Dear Marie.

Our Lord so wanted to answer your prayer that He even gave you the right search engine.

It was not first on any one that I could find.

It looks like that our Lord is going to give us similar responsibilities to serve Him during the "dispensation of the fullness of times" - Can you imagine us with C.E.O's that are so big - so full of love and whose spiritual bodies will be so alike and powerful carrying out our duties as Kings and Priests over His vast creations who are not yet in full acceptance of His Godship?

Coral's Newfy died some weeks ago of very old age (picture in chapter 1), Both Coral and my Landseer were missing her even though Coral and I knew that she would be with us again - my Landseer didn't and couldn't understand where she had gone - so we went to the local animal rescue home and there was a beautiful female Golden Retriever. She has serttled in wonderfully and both Coral and my dog love her dearly - another addition to our Heavenly family.

Kelp tablets are wonderful for the thyroid but as they contain large quantities of iodine should be taken with a doctor's advice if you have a problem - my dogs have a teaspoonful of the grated seaweed every day; here in Australia it is very prolific and reasonably cheap.

Looking forward to meeting you and Arco in Heaven when our Lord returns.

In Jesus' name:



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