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Naomi Fiore 17 Sep 2002

Dear Mr. Coombs,

I began reading with great interest and rapt attention your words that I found on the "all creatures. org" website from your book.  Is there somewhere that I can purchase your book? 

On Sept. 1  I had to have my oldest and dearest cat Keegan put to sleep.  He was 19 years and 7 months and though most Christians that I have spoken with since tell me that his life has ceased to exist, I cannot accept this at heart.  I would greatly love to read your words on this matter in their entirety in book form that I can study, pore over and underline and show to others.  How can I do so?  Please forgive my wordiness. 

Thanking you in advance.
Naomi Fiore

Response from Bernie 17 Sep 2002

Dear Naomi.
What a beautiful Scriptural name.  At this point in time whilst you still desperately miss your loving KEEGAN It will help you to go back to the Old Testament and re-read the story of Naomi who was one of the great great... Grandmothers of King David. It's in the book of Ruth.
Then get another Kitty from an animal rescue house to take KEEGAN's place here on earth whilst you are still here, he/she will not only give you back your joy but will be another addition to your Heavenly family - I can just imagine the times of get together you will all have in your new Heavenly bodies never to die again.
Regarding the purchase of my book it is all presently on the internet site - 11 chapters plus part 3 plus appendices which can all be downloaded but comes to around 100 A4 pages. If you do not have the wherewithal to print this out I understand - however! I also understand how much better it is to have in book form - now there are several alternatives. Firstly I can print you out the book from the website (easiest) and send it to you free: or I can print you out an original book which is the one I used to send out free to whoever - it is the same book but slightly different format - for instance chapter 1 is in the centre of the book. I have not as yet been able to find a publisher that will print it with all the Greek and Hebrew symbols and any way the book keeps on changing and being added to - so presently if you send me a postal address I will willingly print you out a copy of my original book on my old printer in the old format which is no longer in vogue, also free.
I will let you into a secret! It is amplified in part 4 which I have not yet finished. The loved and loving Pets of those who rise up to meet our Lord at His soon Second Coming are also raised up at that same time "And so shall we ever be with the Lord" 2 Thessalonians 4:17.
Waiting for your postal address if you would like me to Print you a book.
In Jesus' name:

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