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From Robin Henson - 26 Jan 2003

Dear Bernie,

I'm not sure how I found your website, but I know that nothing in this world happens by chance.

I've always believed that animals have souls and go to heaven. I still recall scoffing during a conversation with my father many years ago when I was five or six and he informed me that heaven was for people. It seemed ludicrous to me then and it certainly does now.

Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone episode called "The Hunt"? An old man and dog drown while coon hunting and gradually make their way up the country path towards heaven. At the pearly gates St. Peter tells the man his dog can't come in, so the man keeps walking up the road where he meets a kindly young fellow who tells him the place he just left was actually hell. He takes the old man and his dog to the real heaven, where both are welcome.

As a life-long lover of animals, I would have no interest in spending eternity in a place where they weren't. I cannot conceive of a Creator who wouldn't provide for the most innocent, pure and awesome of his beings. As I get older I realize that I must become childlike again and learn to trust the knowledge I took for granted before becoming cynical and tainted by the world.

Looking forward to learning more!


Robin Henson

Reply from Bernie 26 Jan 2003

Dear Robin:

Thank you so much for your e-mail - It is always so wonderful to receive positive comments.

Yes! I have seen similar themes to "The Hunt" except the twist about the first gate being Hell - That was good and HOW TRUE. How like the Devil to try and make our great God look unloving.

I do not normally enter into dispute with denominations as "by their fruits ye shall know them" but your mention of your Father's remark about Heaven being for people stirred me up - Years ago I wrote to the Headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in New York asking permission to quote a verse from their translation of the Bible (New World translation of the Holy Scriptures) in my book; when they found out what my book was about they categorically refused - then sent me pamphlets purporting that animals do not go to Heaven - the irony of the saga was that - every pamphlet had photos of deer and other creatures frolicking and grazing by a crystal stream in a paradise park. When I asked local J.W.'s who were sent to see me where the animals came from - were they more of God's new creations? they could not answer.

You may not yet have read chapter 1 of part 4 - about WHEN our passed on Pets and other creatures go to Heaven - I will be very interested in your comments.

I am well into chapter 2 of part 4 which deals with at what stage creatures other than the chosen ones and their Pets are renewed and go on to populate the cosmos, but it is very difficult as no way does the Devil want me to write it.

All the best with your learning curve.

In Jesus' name:

Bernie J. Coombs.

Reply from Robin 27 Jan 2003

Dear Bernie,

Thank you for your kind and swift reply to my letter. I'm so excited about finding your website and so eager to begin studying.

A small irony is that today (January 26th) is the 12th anniversary of my father's passing. He was such an honest, compassionate man (though he often wore a tough exterior) that I think he must have struggled with his religion's (Baptist) teaching about animals not going to People Heaven too. I owe my love of nature and animals to both my parents, who taught me that all life is sacred and precious. My father recognized that I was peculiarly sensitive because I carried rocks around in a sack when I was young and believed they were as alive as everything else in God's creation.

It's interesting what you found out about the Jehovah's Witness religion. I've always enjoyed reading their books and magazines, I think to a great extent because of the beautiful pictures depicting animals in a Garden-of-Eden paradise. I really try to be open minded and tolerant of the beliefs of others, but I don't have time to waste on any religion that systematically rejects the concept of animals going to Heaven. Thank you for pointing this out to me, I really appreciate it!

I HAVEN'T read chapter 1 of part 4 yet, but I plan to read your entire site tomorrow. I will definitely be writing you back when I've finished! I'm anxious to find out if my beloved pets (and there are LOTS of them!) are sleeping in wait or are already in Heaven. In the last month I've lost a cocker spaniel, a rat, and a baby goat wether, and I promised each one of them I would be with them soon. I wish you could've seen the look on the vet's face as I told my goat I would see him in Heaven! I expect nothing less for my chickens and duck, horses, cats.. the birds in the trees or the ants in the garden. Wherever did Man get the idea only he could enter the Kingdom of God anyway??

God bless you,


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