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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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15 July 2004

Last night Pax Tv Ch 31 in NYC ran a segment of AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS (8 pm-9 pm.) I know this program has run distasteful animal pieces previously; this one was the worst I've seen.

First someone had filmed two cats fighting - he had placed them in a boxing ring, which was supposed to be funny. No one should be glorifying animals fighting, under ANY circumstances.

Then, for the three 'finalists' to win the grand prize, one video was at the rodeo - and showed a horse bucking so furiously that he tripped, fell over backward and crashed onto his back. The flank strap was clearly in place on the animal. Host Bob Saget said the video was 'fabulous.'

Pax is supposed to be 'family-friendly tv.' Please tell Pax TV you won't watch while they glorify cruelty. , click CONTACT US at the top of the page. Also call toll free: (888) 467-2988

Now, the good news: we have a friend at GLOBE magazine! GLOBE is a very popular, middle-America style tabloid magazine, with new columnist Diana Siegfried. Her column is entitled DIANA SHOOTS FROM THE LIP. This is from her column of 7/5:

(Discussing actor Orlando Bloom) "Best of all, he loves animals, so much so that he brought several strays from Malta, where his last movie was filmed. The movie set became overrun with hungry, homeless dogs. The poor mutts were befriended by Bloom, who worried what might happen to the canines once they left. He teamed up with the director and set up an emergency animal shelter for them.

Another animal-loving celebrity who deserves kudos is definitely not a heartthrob by anyone's standards - Bill Maher. But so what.

The acerbic former host of POLITICALLY INCORRECT is actually a cuddly animal rights activist. Who knew? Maher has gone after prestigious Columbia University for studying the effects of stress on women's menstrual cycles using rhesus monkeys. That sounds like a joke, but sadly it isn't. (I'd tell you what horrors they're committing but there's no reason for all of you to have nightmares, too).

So the funnyman was dead serious when he blasted in an email to the school's faculty: 'One hundred million women in America with PMS, and this guy's Frankensteining monkeys? It's just a wild guess on my part, but wouldn't he learn more from talking to actual women under stress than from plumbing monkey heads?'

I've always been a fan of Maher's brainy humor, but after hearing about this, he's looking better every day."

This woman has come out anti-Atkins and fur, and did a nice piece about the actor who quit the movie that killed a donkey for a scene, among other compassionate and educational issues. VERY FEW OTHERS in mainstream media are speaking out for the animals in this manner.

Please drop this columnist a word of gratitude!

EMAIL: [email protected]  

Thank you for contacting the media; tv and print images shape thoughts and can have enormous influence...



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