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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Cruelty on 'spiritual' TV station

PAX TV (channel 31 in the metropolitan NY area - check local listings) is a TV station that claims it stands for community and religious values.  On Monday at 8 PM, May 31, a PAX program called BET THE FARM featured a variety of animal-related events that were both overtly cruel and insulting.

The least insulting was a pie-eating contest between a pig and a man; of course crude comments were made about the pig's appearance with food on his face.

They then graduated to men chasing sheep, grabbing and jumping on them as the sheep ran in terror, and forcibly putting a pair of pants on each sheep.  As some sheep tried to escape they were grabbed by their legs and yanked back.

Another moronic event involved seeing which moron could get a flock of sheep out of a pen and back, the quickest.  The savage holding the event encouraged the participants with "You've got to scare 'em!!

Yell at 'em, wave your arms!!"  And indeed, the sheep again ran in terror.

Another event involved taunting goats.  The young thugs said things like "I don't like these friggin' goats"  "Are you afraid of a friggin' goat?!"  "It was really funny watching Josh be a coward with goats!"

Yet another event involved putting honey on a moron's face so a cow would lick it off.  The moron made retching, heaving sounds as the animal came near his face, like he was going to throw up.  Comments by the morons: "It'll be over soon" "It's so disgusting!" "What're you, a pansy?!" "I was weeping when that thing was about to kiss me."

A TV station committed to 'community and spirituality' should be the LAST PLACE to run such utterly needless, disrespectful cruelty. Suggested complaints:


      Chairman Kevin Martin: [email protected] 

PAX TV (via website): , click 'contact us' on the right

       (if any NYC residents want to make an appointment

        to visit them, their address is

        1330 Ave of Americas, ph# (212) 956-0920)


ONE A DAY VITAMINS - WWW.ONEADAY.COM , click 'contact' at the bottom of the page;

POST CEREAL - WWW.POSTCEREAL.COM , click 'contact us' at the top of the page;

CHAMPION MORTGAGE - WWW.CHAMPIONMORTGAGE.COM , click 'contact us' at the top of the page;

BREYERS ICE CREAM - WWW.BREYERS.COM , click 'contact us' on the right;

ARRID DEODORANT - WWW.ARRID.COM , click 'contact us' on the left;

I-HOP RESTAURANTS - [email protected] 

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